Best Compression Stockings for Nurses

Provide comfort and relief to aching feet.

Compression Garments for Nursing Staff

Nurses usually have an extended time standing on their feet which eventually leads to discomfort to their feet. In some cases this can also lead to varicose veins, edema (swelling), soreness, fatigue and weakness to their lower limbs. A lists of best compression stockings for nurses have been listed so that these medical staff can get relief from their paining and tired legs. Nurse can also use compression socks which work great for many women.

As a general rule, it is advised to take regular breaks from duty, use ergonomics furniture and not to put too much stress on feet. There are some compression stockings which suit nurses as they improve blood circulation in affected area. In most cases, the compression wear is prescribed by a health care professional as these garments have different level of compression. Furthermore, custom made compression stockings are required in some cases and the measurement must be taken based on the manufacturer's guideline. Each manufacturer has a different product which needs to measured for based on strict guidelines and measuring instructions.

Compression wears work by applying pressure to specific parts (extremities) of the leg which improves blood circulation. It has been proven to be effective in cases of patients having varicose veins and edema. Some products sold on the market are not medical grade, meaning that they do not provide any substantial medical relief. It is important to buy only those products which can be effective in your treatment. Doctors also recommend such type of garments to patients who are on post surgery care for some type of procedures.

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Where can i get best compression garments for nurses?


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