Custom Made Compression Stockings

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Facts about Custom Made Compression Stockings for women

Custom made compression stockings for women help in your therapy but the measurement needs to be taken by a qualified professional therapist. Most of the time the suppliers would not take responsibility if the garment do not fit you. Inaccuracies in custom made compression stockings measurement is sadly a common factor of customer dissatisfaction and the stockings do not give the expected benefits. Besides, these garments made to measure, there are some one size fit all models which may be in your needs. Many providers like Sigvaris provide latex-free compression stockings which are mostly made of cotton and provide more comfort. The latex-free designs are great for sensitive skin and for extended use. The compression level varies depending on your needs. Normally, products are available from 9 mm Hg to over 40mm Hg compression level.

Custom Made Compression Stockings For Women are good at providing relief to tired and aching legs. Suitable for people who spend too much time sitting or standing. Medical staffs need special best compression stockings for nurses which can provide to their aching feet since they need to stand for long hours. The compression level suitable for you will be specified by a health-care professional who has been trained in this type of therapy. there are two broad type of products: knee-high and thigh-high. Both types can be used in the therapy. More information about diabetic foot care and the need for measurement can be found here:Venous diseases and diabetic foot care




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Custom JOBST Elvarex Compression Garments

JOBST® compression hosiery offers products for which can be custom made to measure using their measurement guides. The stockings are suitable for aching legs and to those who suffer from standing or sitting for long duration.

  • Provides comfort
  • Caters for all sizes
  • Color choice
  • Offers various styles
  • Can be ordered on-line

More information about JOBST Elvarex products can be found on their website. Their measuring guide is very helpful..

venosan legwear

VENOSAN® Custom made garments

Venosan is a well known provider of Custom Made Compression Stockings For Women. You may order the products from the website at However, you still need to get your measurement taken by somebody who is aware about the requirements. The requirements differ from one supplier to another and they all have a specific order form which must be used during order. Details about how to measure for Venosan products are available here and the made to measure form

sigvaris custom-made stockings forwomen

SIGVARIS Made-to-Measure latex free compression stockings

Sigvaris is a Uk based company but also available in more than 70 countries worldwide Details about how to measure for SIGVARIS Made-to-Measure products are available here and the more information on their website

  • Available as cotton latex free compression stockings as well as other more robust rubber models. Sigvaris caters for all type of users and styles, providing highest comfort in their design.
  • Ease of wearing
  • Soft and smooth
  • Provides full day comfort
  • Available in different colors
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Good for severe oedema
  • Provides an extensive measurement guide for custom garments


activa compression hosiery

Activa® Compression Legwear/Hosiery

Provides high quality products in the compression legwear segment. The medically correct graduated compression socks and hosiery products comes in various designs and styles and colors.
Measurement and order form
More information.

  • Affordable
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

juzo garments

Juzo® Latex Free Compression Stockings

Juzo® is another supplier which provides quality medically gradient compression stockings using its proprietary FiberSoft™ process which provides more comfort to skin.
Juzo Website
More information.


ActiLymph Made to Measure

The ActiLymph products provides a custom fit solution to patient sufering with oedema. They provide hand finished garments with a very good turnaround of 5 working days.
ActiLymph Website

  • European class 1-3
  • Soft feel fabrics
  • Good for tteatment of chronic lymphoedema
  • Thigh and knee high designs
  • Closed toe or open toe models
  • Latex-free designs also on offer


Graduated compression percentage

Advantages and benefits of using custom made compression stockings

Compressive fabrics help in medical cases by applying pressure to the leg tissues and veins thereby improving blood circulation. This help in treating swelling and aching legs. It is used for treatment purposes and nowadays there is a trend of use in preventive health for people who are potentially subject to leg diseases and long duration of standing.

Compression stockings differ from support stockings in a number of important regards. Compression stockings are prescribed by a physician, and the legs need to be measured by a specialist at the medical products store. Correctly fitting compression stockings are then supplied from stock or knitted to measure. Support stockings, on the other hand, are not suitable for treating illnesses and serve mainly a preventative purpose. By the way, the days of the old-fashioned elastic stockings are long gone. Today’s compression stockings not only look smart, they are also much easier to put on and are comfortable to wear thanks to the high quality materials used

The use of compression garments can be justified in the following cases:

  • Provides a better blood circulation
  • Relief for swelling in legs (edema). Edema can be a sign of a more serious disease and this must be discussed with your doctor. The doctor may provide an appropriate prescription for compression stockings if needed.
  • Leg heaviness
  • Varicose veins
  • Lymphedema
  • Can be ordered on-line

Important Information:

  • Compression legwear are for medical treatment
  • There are different from support stockings
  • They need to be prescribed by a doctor or therapist
  • Measure must be taken by a specialist or well-trained professional.
  • The supplied products must fit the user else the effectiveness will not be optimal


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