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Health Experts and Community

Family Fun Fitness

Fitness activities help you achieve your health and weight loss goals. Many fitness programs involve indoor or outdoor activities, both giving different results.
Before starting such activities, It is important to do proper warming up like leg extensions and leg curls so as to avoid sport injuries. Strong thighs are important to prevent knee injury. Read More


A good parent realizes that learning about handling kids and parenting is a long term task. Whatever action a parent does at home, is an example which the children will adopt. So first, do what you want your kids to follow. You want to gain the trust of your kids to feel like they have complete faith in your honesty. This will help them confide in you whne they have problems.

Playtime is an important part of a child's physical and emotional development. Playtime should be more than simply leaving your child to play on his or her own. The parents must get involved in these activities. Build your confidence and your skills as a parent. Knowledge will help you provide a safe environment for your children, and remember that trying hard and caring is the key to a successful relationship.. Read More

Quick Tips

Handling pregnancy challenges!

Many women believe it's difficult to find proper information on handling pregnancy challenges, but that is not the case if you take the time to read these informative tips. The tips located in this site will help you face the different challenges at various steps of the journey. If you not sure of being pregnant, you can take our am i pregnant quiz which will give you the most accurate indication.
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Children and babies

ENT Specialization in North

Taking Care of yourself when expecting a baby

Pregnancies is an unique experience where you will encounter ups and downs. Pains and Joy are the two sides of such an experience. There are some tips which may help in facing these discomforts and pain.

You need a new set of clothing as your current wardrobe would not be appropriate. So while choosing maternity clothes, keep in mind comfort, esthetics, look and fashion trends and also safety. Buy clothes which put you at ease and does not provide any hazards to the baby you are conceiving. You also plan to buy the plus size maternity clothes that you will need prior to the delivery, during your admission at the hospital and post pregnancy clothing should also be planned beforehand. While you are shopping you may wish to buy clothing and accessories for the coming baby too. You must usually prepare two bags with all essential items for the maternity, one for yourself and one for the baby.

It is also important to take care of your skin during this phase. So, while going out in the sun, it is best to use a specially formulated sunscreen lotion/cream which will protect your skin. Your skin may already be too sensitive during these months and it is important that they are well protected against sunburns and sunspots.

Most women will be more prone to catch Flu and other seasonal illnesses. It is better to take preventive measures as most of the usual medications are not recommended during this period. However, it is said that Paracetamol is a quite safe drug but should not be abused of during conception. If you start getting flu symptoms, you must contact your doctor at the earliest . This will help the doctor start the treatment early and will also prescribe you drugs and medication which are safe for you and your baby.

Consumption of alcohol and/or caffeine drinks are to be avoided altogether. Caffeine can interfere with your night's sleep and prevent you to rest, specially if such drinks are taken during the afternoon or evening. It is very important that you as an expecting mother, gets all the rest that you need so that you feel better during the day.

More Tips for Pregnant Women

Women need to buy special underwear which should take care of your comfort and condition. Sports bras and large size underwear are helpful and make you feel more comfortable. Talk to your doctor about his advice in all matters related to your condition. You can also attend pregnancy preparation classes run by midwifes. Another good source of information is people who have been recently undergone this experience. Friends and relatives who are new mums will provide you with essential tips and information. And the good things is that they are probably more easily available than your doctor. Whether it is you who is expecting a baby, or it is a relative, being pregnant is an important part of people's lives. This create new relationship with a child. It is good to gather all support that you need and get ready for a successful delivery.

Signs & Symptoms
Early signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Pragnancy Guide

Earliest Signs

Spotting occurs when the embryo is implanted and thus it is also known as implantation bleeding. It is a common earliest signs of pregnancy but not all women would experience or notice this symptom.
More Earliest Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

Early Signs of Pregnancy

A missed period is usually the first trigger to go for a PT. In some women, they may go through their period which may be irregular or delayed. This irregular bleeding is an early sign and should not be interpreted as no pregnancy.
More Signs/Symptoms

Morning Sickness After Conception

Morning sickness is a normal thing that happens during the early months. Most women will experience it as from 6th week of conception and may last up to 12th week. .
How long after conception does morning sickness start

Women Care

International Diabetes Conference

Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

  • New York City
  • Jan 8, 2015
  • 5-6pm

Many people today are finding that it is possible to keep the symptoms of diabetes efficiently. For instance, keep your meter, and make sure you put them there each and every night, and insulin in one specific place so it will be easy to access in the mornings. Diabetes has increasingly become more prevalent disease. Many foods contain corn syrup, so be sure to read all of the labels. In Canada this item is labeled as glucose/fructose. You can reduce your chance of developing diabetes by ensuring you eat a diet that is high in fiber. Research demonstrates that diets rich in whole grain are at lesser risk of developing diabetes. Talk to your doctor when you are concerned that you have gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes does not happen because of something that you have caused! It happens often and is virtually out of your hands. A physician can offer guidance about dietary suggestions. If diabetes is an issue for you, consider eating five or six smaller meals during your day, rather than having three larger meals every day. Eating more often also helps you avoid the desire to binge, as you will feel more satisfied. Now that you know how to manage your condition, you are better prepared to make the right choices and changes in your life. This information is only as helpful as you allow it to be. Incorporate these tips into your day-to-day life, and you will soon see results.. Read More

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