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The Am I pregnant quizzes score is based on a total of 100. The higher the score you get the higher the probability of being pregnant. In all cases, instead of pregnancy test on-line 100% accurate you should consider an off the counter PT kit to get the most accurate result.

Pregnancy Test (PT) Kits are widely available at Shops, Medical Stores, Supermarkets and its price range from $1-$5. The PT results are usually more accurate and gives an indication of whether the women is pregnant or not. After each positive PT test result, a woman must confirm the result by visiting her doctor who can confirm it after a few oral questions and if necessary through blood tests. Most gynecologists will use their personal echography device (Sonography, ultra sound, or medical Ultra-sonography) to detect the conception and if he/she is unable to confirm it while all other symptoms are there then he/she will order a few lab blood tests. Such tests are usually done only when the conception is not visible in echo or when it is too early to be detected by other means. Lab tests can also be done at free blood test clinics

Beware of False pregnancy which is also known as Pseudocyesis. Pseudocyesis is a psychological state making you believe that you are expecting a baby while it is not really the case. This psychological state is promoted by the facts that the woman experience most of the symptoms of pregnancy although when she is not pregnant. The symptoms may be present due to other medical and non medical reasons.

There are many ladies who think finding great information about this topic is difficult to locate. There are much precautions that must be taken so as to avoid complications like Ectopic. However, if you read the article ahead, you may be surprised at how easy it is to find. When you put these suggestions into action, you will be ready for the challenges ahead.

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Your OBGYN will give you a supply of prenatal vitamins. You need to take prenatal vitamin every day. This type of supplements provides you and your baby with vitamins and nutrients that are needed for healthy development.

Keep away from pets like cats when you are expecting. Some pet litter might contain toxoplasmosis parasite which can be harmful to the baby. It is best to avoid any sort of exposure to this type of parasites.



Be sure that you understand what all the indications of a premature labor are. Do as much research on this subject, so that you can contact your doctor should you experience these symptoms.

Could i be pregnant quiz tests like the one provided on this website can only gives you an INDICATION whether you are conceiving or not. Online based tests like this one are not 100% accurate. You are advised to check with your medical practitioner when you are in doubts. Your doctor is the best person who can accurately evaluate your case of conceiving a baby. It is good to know that a physical examination or a lab PT can give you the most accurate and reliable result.


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Am i pregnant quizzes?

Pregnancy quiz before missed period or Late period
The number one "most accurate am i pregnant quiz?" is: did you miss your period? or are you late? You are not on any type of birth control?
This is normally the first trigger among girls and women. Although a missed period is not necessarily a certainty of being pregnant, it does say that there is something not going as planned in your body. Time for a PT!

This is also known as the implantation bleeding where the fertilized egg gets implanted.

Sudden changes in hormone levels and physical changes due to conception in womb cause immediate stress and headache. This is an early sign which needs to be considered and noted.

Dizziness and fainting are also common symptoms. They are principally due to the fact that important resources like oxygen, sugar, vitamins, iron and other minerals are shared by the mother and developing fetus.

Breath Shortness
If you find that you are short of breath and that previously you did not have any such respiratory problems, it may suggests that your growing fetus is developing in your womb and it is taking its own share of oxygen from your regular supply.

More frequent urination urges
At an early stage of conception, the future moms will find themselves having more urination urges throughout the day or even at night. It mostly happens because more liquid is released by the body.

Sore Nipples
Have you started feeling sore breasts all of a sudden? This is one of the top am i pregnant quiz? If you are having this and also find other symptoms like dark areola, heavy breasts then it may be an early sign of pregnancy.

Feeling exhausted and tired?
Sudden changes in the woman's body accompanied by shortness of breath make her tire easily. So if you feel very exhausted every day although you did not go to gym on that day, it may indicates a strong signal.

Morning and afternoon sickness
Most of the time Morning sickness is not a VERY early sign or symptom. But still if you missed all other signs and you are 4-6 weeks by now then you may encounter nausea or morning and afternoon sickness.

Women also become more sensitive to smell and less tolerant towards certain foods items.

LBA and cramps
Lower back ache and cramps are normal symptoms. It shows that the body is trying to adapt and expand in order to accommodate the coming baby. Uterus expanding can also cause low abdominal pain. In this case you like to make yourself feel comfortable by wearing Organic maternity clothes

Feeling emotional and sensitive
This is a common symptom which also occurs during menopause as well as during conception. Lots of fluctuations on hormone levels leads to mood swings. You may feel depressed, emotional, sensitive etc.


With Pregnancy test online 100% accurate results can only be confirmed by a traditional lab test prescribed by your doctor. Although most accurate online pregnancy quiz and tests tend to diagnose your situation through a series of questions, it can only rely on the answers your provide to this logic engine. If you do some mistakes in evaluating the questions or evaluating your own condition, consequently it will provide unreliable result

To be a future mum is a miracle, and a beautiful time for your body, so you should show progress in pictures as your belly grows and grows. You may forget what the miracle of life was like when you will be taking care of your baby later down the line.


Medical Tests

Lab Tests can be done from urine sample collected from first day of missed period. They provide accurate result as early as from 8 days from conception. It is important to follow the pathological lab's recommendation when collecting the urine sample. Most of the time they provide a sterile sample collection tube. But in case you do not have one, you may well collect it a clean and detergent free container.

PT's are less costly and many public health centers offer them free of charge or at little cost. The tests usually attempt to detect the presence of human chorionic gonadotrophin hCG hormone which is produced when conception occurs. Based on the sensitivity of the test kits used, the hCG can be detected as early as 6 days before missed period.

Positive results are most of the time reliable while negative results can be questionable or not really a confirmation that there is no pregnancy. A repeat test after 1-2 weeks may provide a confirmation. In many cases we see women missed period negative pregnancy test results. There many other reasons which justify such a situation.


Home PT Best Practices

Use Pregnancy Test Kits which have been approved by your local authorities like FDA, CE, boards. In the USA, FDA approval means it is safe and appropriate for the purpose it is marketed

Each brand may have a specific instruction about how to read a pregnancy test result which can be different for each brand. For optimum result it is recommended to read and follow the instruction on product packaging/leaflet.

It is also good to note down all details about the tests you do. The date and time of testing, the diet you had, the kit brand name, any treatment you are following and the result obtained. Such information maybe helpful in case you need to visit a doctor for this matter.

In normal cases, you can do a urine test (hCG) as from the first day after missed period. More accurate result is shown after a few more days after missed period.

Check the expiry date of the PT kit.

Do it first thing in the morning. This help to detect hCG presence with better accuracy as the hormone (if any) is more concentrated. There is no special preparation to do. No need to drink more water than usual.

Be psychologically ready to accept the result. Many women who are planning to have a baby may feel very disappointed after a negative test result. While they may feel shocked to have a positive test result if they are not willing to conceive yet.

If you are using a test kit which you have been stocking since long. Make sure that it has been well stored away from heat or humidity. These factors may affect the effectiveness of these products. It is best to buy a new set.

Clean your hand with soap and water before opening the packaging. This help in prevention of contamination.

Depending on the model you have purchased. You may need to pee directly on the stick or collect the urine in a disposable plastic cup (usually provided with the kit) wherein you can dip the strip.

Wait for the amount of time specified on the instruction leaflet. Usually result is available within 1-5 minutes but may take longer based on the model/brand you are using.

Read the result. It can be color coded results.

If it is positive, you need to see a doctor to get it confirmed through lab blood test and ultra sound. There are many medical centers which provide Free pregnancy blood test around your location.

If the result is negative and you still believe to be pregnant, then you can repeat the test a few days later. It is recommended not to repeat it on same day.


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