Free Pregnancy Blood Test Clinics In Your Locations

A selection of blood test clinics providing free services

Free pregnancy blood test

Many medical clinics offer free pregnancy blood test and ultra sound to confirm your home hcg results. These organizations can provide these services while operating as a non profit organization or by marketing motives. Some of these clinics have partners which can sponsor the free pregnancy blood test to women who satisfy certain set conditions. For example in one particular medical center, the requirement for a blood test is that the woman must have a positive hCG result obtained by using a PT kit

A test clinic in your region will most often treat your case with strict confidentiality and a patient advocate will explain you all the options that you have and how they will proceed. The decision whether to continue or go for an abortion must be taken after having considered all options that you have. In most cases, the clinic will be able to give you more information about these options.

If you are unsure about taking a pathological or ultra sound diagnosis, you can try our online Am I Pregnant Quiz which instantly gives you the most accurate indication about your current status. On this web-page, we have prepared a list of medical centers which has a free test service as part of their broad range of services.

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Where can i get a free pregnancy test done?


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