Homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste

How to make your own a homemade pregnancy test?

Homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste

Beside taking a normal off the counter PT which provides reliable results, some people consider other options like homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste. This can be explained by many factors like cost and financial constraint, fear, hesitation in buying a test kit, unavailability of test kits in some areas, pregnancy taboo, relationship involving teenagers who cannot openly acquire test kits etc. It is also a convenient pregnancy test if you want to do the test as soon as possible and cannot wait for the delivery of an ordered PT. It is indeed very easy how to make a homemade pregnancy test without using any complex procedure and but simply using already available materials.

Homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste is one of the most popular alternatives that women have been trying since ages. We have established a step by step guide to carry this experiment which should in no case be taken as a substitute to medical consultation or lab test.

This pregnancy test has been common since years, even before test kits were invented or made widely available in drug stores and they are delivered with instruction about how to read a pregnancy test. How to make a homemade pregnancy test?





homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste

Ingredients Needed for toothpaste based PT:

  1. Plain White toothpaste
  2. A clean cup/container (preferably sterile)
  3. Little quantity of first urine sample of the woman
  4. Spatula or wooden stick to mix
  5. Measuring cups (optional)
  6. Gloves (Optional)

Experiment Duration: 5 minutes

white toothpaste for step by step PT

Steps how to make a homemade pregnancy test:

  1. Step 1: Collect First Urine in the Morning
  2. Step 2: Squeeze about 10mg of natural white (plain) colored toothpaste in a recipient (e.g: cup). The recipient need to be clean and free from contamination which may hinder with the test outcome.
  3. Step 3: Place a little quantity (a few drops will suffice) of urine over the toothpaste in the recipient.
  4. Step 4: Mix with a wooden rod or clean one time use spatula.
  5. Step 5: Wait for a few minutes
  6. Step 6: Check the reaction/pregnancy test result.
Sterile cups can be used for urine sample collection

How to read the result:

If the test is probably positive, the toothpaste will froth, change texture and/or change color. In most cases of pregnancy, the toothpaste will change its color from white to blue. Toothpaste will eventually turn frothy when mixed with most liquids. The whole concept of the test relies on the fact that it must turn frothy sooner than other liquids.

If the test is negative, then there should be no reaction between the paste and the urine.

In both cases, a repeat test is recommended. The only real confirmation can be obtained from a visit to your doctor or after undergoing a lab pregnancy test.


pregnancy test strips showing not pregnant

How does this work?

The chemical ingredients found in a typical toothpaste has the ability to react to urine solution containing pregnancy hormones hCG.

Advantages of using homemade testing:

  • Cheap and affordable solution
  • Homemade
  • Can be done in the privacy of your home
  • Simple and convenient
  • Takes less than 5 minutes


  • Reliability and accuracy of pregnancy test has not be proven
  • Not recommended by doctors
  • Depends on the quality of ingredients (toothpaste) used.
  • Inconvenient if you usually use a colored or gel type of toothpaste
  • Must be done first thing in the morning.


pregnancy stress

Do it yourself pregnancy test 

Although this experiment has not been validated by scientific studies nor recommended by healthcare professionals, it is a do it yourself (DIY) pregnancy test, very common procedure done by women of all ages across the world. We advise our readers to try this experiment for educational and experimental purposes only and see whether it is really an accurate test. There are many factors which can affect the result of this type of testing. First of all, the quality of paste used plays a big role in determining the result. If the toothpaste used in your do it yourself pregnancy test contains alternative chemicals which do not react to urine, then obviously the test will show unreliable results. If the toothpaste used is free from usual chemicals, then the results will not be accurate. In some cases where the paste used is not natural white, it becomes difficult to notice a color change and therefore apparently shows unreliable result.


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