Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test

Negative Pregnancy Test After Missed Periods

Missed Period But Negative Pregnancy Test

Almost all women face a situation when they Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test result is shown. The most frustrating experience that a woman can undergo is when she is trying to conceive, the pregnancy test is resulting negative or when she does not want to conceive, yet she is experiencing a late period. Somehow, this can be very confusing and can lead to a lot of stress to a woman. At this stage you do not know which is the exact answer, is it the test that is proving false? or is it that you are not pregnant but only having late menses? So the main worrying question most women in this situation ask themselves is, what is really happening, and what are the reasons that are causing these results. Our Am I Pregnant Quiz module provides the most accurate on line test. You need to remember that Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test is a common situation which does not warrant over-stress.

Missed Period But Negative Pregnancy Test

The first reason can be a possibility that the test kit may not be sensitive enough to reveal the truth or not to the level of identifying the exact cause or a positive result. This means that the hCG test can only be able to read the result of pregnancy when reaching a certain threshold. This also implies that you might have performed the test too early. Or for a very simple that you may not get a correct result is that you did not apply the correct procedure for the test. This can be that you missed the correct time, that is, either you checked it too early or too late, then the result is false. Also if you let the test sit for too long you may not get the exact result. The solution is to use more sensitive tests and to continue to follow the test kit instructions abouthow to read a pregnancy test as directed. In case of missed period and that you want to check if you are pregnant, or are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, it is best to see your doctor regarding a blood test to find out the cause of the missed period

The urines test can also not reveal a pregnancy if you drink a lot of water before the test as this dilute the pregnancy hormone level in urine. The first morning urine test has greater chance of revealing a good result due to its high concentration of hCG.






Signs to watch-out if you missed your periods but getting negative pregnancy test

On the other hand, you should know the general sign of pregnancy so as to avoid creating unnecessary doubts or worries in your mind. The general signs of pregnancy are as follows:

Tender breasts

A woman normally feels it in their breasts as they seem to be heavier and swollen. This is an obvious sign to watch for.

Morning sickness or nausea

This is very current in most women who are pregnant. The feeling of nausea or morning sickness in the morning can be very frequent in the first three months and then after that it may subside;

Missed period but negative test

This is when a woman notices that she is not having her menses like she used to have every month. This is in most normal cases an indication of being pregnant but in reality there are many other reasons for it to happen.

Basal body temperature staying high

If the temperature of the basal part of the body stays high for more than eighteen days, then this is an indication of pregnancy. You will be able to note this if you keep a regular record. After identifying all the symptoms and confirming the result, you need to see a doctor who will advise you on how to proceed with it.

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Missed Period But Negative Pregnancy Test Result

The test can be negative even if you have been missing your period. Certain women have irregular pattern of menses, and hence, it has nothing to do with conceiving a baby. The list of reasons for delayed menses is very long, however, the most current causes can be stress, increased anxiety, lack of sleep and unbalanced reproductive system. This can be due to an unbalanced reproductive hormones and delay ovulation. Delays on menses do not necessarily mean pregnancy. However, it is advised to repeat the test during the next few days and to make sure to follow all the instructions correctly. Incorrect use of the test kits may give you incorrect findings.

Irregular menses

Another direct reason for delayed period is the miscalculation of the date. You have to remember that the normal or average menstrual cycle is 28 days. Many people do not know how and when to start counting. If you have a regular 28 days cycle, then you start counting from the day you start having the menses until you get 28 days, and that date must be when your next menses will be starting. The problem for many women the cycle days are not 28 and that can be less or more. A woman with such irregular cycle, requires to count 28 days but may have to prepare herself to receive the menses on, before or after the expected 28 days.

Missed Period Negative Pregnancy Test Result



Other causes of delayed or premature menses can be related to medication. If you are taking medication for another illness over a span of time, this can affect the menstrual cycle. Or the effect of medicines can delay the menses for weeks or even months. In such cases, it is best to consult the doctor to seek advice.

Change in the daily routine

A woman might not notice how the day-to-day activities can affect the menstrual cycle. In case something unusual has happened and which has caused you to be doing things that are out of the normal routines, this can result in delay in the menses. Or if you have shocked or traumatized by a certain event in your life, this can be, the sudden death of someone close to you, this may delay your menses.


iron is an important mineral for women


Changes in eating habit or diet

Another reason for delayed menses negative pregnancy test can be a change in the time and habit of eating. This can be for instance, if you are used to eat certain food before, from which, you never had any problems, and all of a sudden you decide to change your eating habit, and start eating other food, this can affect the menses cycle.


Calendar Dates


If you missed your period but test negative 

Weight gaining or weight losing exercise - Many women do not know that going on diet or excessive exercising to lose weight can affect the menstrual cycle. If you missed your period but test negative  then it can be caused by a sudden exercise of weight loss or gain, can dis-balance the ovulation cycle. This can affect the whole health. Moreover, exercising too much can lead to long delays on the menses. However, exercises can also make a woman have her menses earlier than expected.

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