What is the most sensitive pregnancy test brand?

We have shortlisted these widely available PT kits which are able to test for pregnancy hormone very early.

What is the most sensitive pregnancy test ?

When a woman is pregnant, her body produces the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which is commonly referred to as pregnancy hormone. It is produced after implantation and the level of this hormone increases everyday. Off the counter test kits are sensitive devices which try to detect the presence of hcg in urine samples. Some time the pregnancy test can give false negative result. False negative results are termed to cases where the woman is pregnant but the pregnancy test shows negative result due sensitivity issues of the PT kits or it can also be due to many other reasons. Beside using off the counter devices, online am i pregnant quiz are also helpful in situating the symptoms.

The earlier a test is done, the chances of detecting hcG is lower. The more days pass after the implantation, the higher the accuracy of the pregnancy test. On average 99% accuracy is achieved when the test is done on the day of missed period or later. What is the most sensitive pregnancy test ? We have many well known brands of pregnancy tests which are very sensitive and they can detect hcG five to six days before missed period. For example First Response is able to detect pregnancy as early as 6 days before missed period. But it is important to note that the claim of more than 99% accuracy is only valid if the test is done on or after the day of expected period. At earlier days the claim of high accuracy is not valid unless it has been mentioned otherwise. Pregnancy hormone hCG level can rise to at least 50(mIU/ml) milli-International Units per milliliter on the expected day of period. Most test devices are comfortable to picks it up at 50mIU/ml and they usually provide an accuracy of above 99%. What pregnancy test is the most sensitive does not determine the best one. It is only able to give an indication about which test kit can picks up hCG the earliest before missed period. The next level of testing would be to go for pregnancy blood test or ultrasounds.

New choice pregnancy test sensitivity as discussed below is high to detect as little as 20 mlU/ml of hcg chemical in urine. Very important to follow the manufacturer's instruction about how to use the pregnancy tests.





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